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The geomagnetic observatory on Gan (Maldives) is operating since April 2011, and has been established in ccoperation by Gan Meteorological Office, ETH Zürich, DTU Space, and Charles University in Prague. It is member of the INTERMAGNET network since 2013, and GFZ joined the cooperation in 2018. GFZ is responsible for data calibration.

Location: Gan International Airport, Addu Atoll, Maldives

Geographic Coordinates:
Latitude: 0.70 S   Longitude: 73.15 E    Altitude: 2m

Geomagnetic Coordinates (quasi-dipole):

Latitude: 8.55 S      Longitude:  145.74 E

The geomagnetic coordinates refer to IGRF-13 for 2020.


Data are available on request or over the INTERMAGNET program, from koblizek.ethz.ch/pluck/, and upon request.

Cooperation partner

1) Maldives Meteorological

Service Gan Meteorological

Office Addu Atoll


2) ETH Zürich

Institute of Geophysics



3) Charles University

Department of Geophysics


Czech Republic

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