Science Results

Gravity Field

  • EIGEN-CHAMP03S: CHAMP-only Earth Gravity Field Model derived from 33 months of CHAMP data
  • EIGEN-3p: CHAMP-only Earth Gravity Field Model derived from three years of CHAMP data
  • EIGEN-2: CHAMP-only Earth Gravity Field Model derived from altogether six months of CHAMP data
  • EIGEN-1S: First Earth Gravity Field Model Including CHAMP Tracking Data

The EIGEN and other recent or historical gravity field models are collected at the International Centre for Global Earth Models (ICGEM) at There you can find e.g. vizualization procedures or software tools for gravity field coefficients manipulation and transformation.

Magnetfeld und Elektrisches Feld

  • Main field model POMME
  • CHAMP resolves lithospheric magnetic field to degree 90
  • Polar Ionospheric Magnetospheric Current Systems
  • Ocean tidal dynamo field

GPS Radio occultation

  • First occultation measurements
  • First results and status of the experiment
  • Atmospheric profiling utilizing space-based single difference processing


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