Section 2.3: Geomagnetism

Satellite missions


We are involved in the ESA satellite mission Swarm, which observes the geomagnetic field since November 2013. The mission consists of three identical, low-Earth orbiting satellites and also measures ionospheric and atmospheric parameters.

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CHAMP (CHAllenging Minisatellite Payload) was a German small satellite mission for geoscientific and atmospheric research and applications, managed by GFZ. With its highly precise, multifunctional and complementary payload elements and its orbit characteristics CHAMP generated highly precise gravity and magnetic field measurements simultaneously for the first time and over a 10 years period.

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Ground observations

Geomagnetic Observatories

A global network of geomagnetic observatories is the backbone of studies concerning the field sources in the Earth's core, ionosphere and magnetosphere. Moreover, the data are used for models and maps with practical applications, and the determination of magnetic activity indices for space weather monitoring.

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