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Space Weather Services

We contribute to the ESA (European Space Agency) Space Safety Programme by providing data products. The ESA SWE (Space Weather) Service Network aims at mitigating and preventing the impact of hazards from space, protecting our planet, activities and infrastructures. It consists of 5 Expert Service Centres (ESCs) that have been established across Europe. Currently, we provide 18 products in the Ionospheric Weather ESC (I-ESC) and Geomagnetic Conditions ESC (G-ESC).

A free registration at the ESA SWE portal ( is necessary to get access to the protected applications or products of the ESA SWE service network. To access the products go to contributions and then click on the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ).

List of products provided by GFZ in I-ESC:

  • I.128 Swarm Rate Of change of TEC (ROT)
  • I.129 Swarm Total Electron Content (TEC)
  • I.130 Swarm electron density (Ne)
  • I.131 Swarm Ionospheric Bubble Index (IBI)
  • I.141 Swarm Rate Of change of TEC Index (ROTI)

GFZ is in charge of the calculation and distribution of the global geomagnetic Kp (three-hourly), Hp60 (one-hourly and open-ended), and Hp30 (half-hourly and open-ended) indices as well as ap, Ap, Cp, C9, ap60, and ap30 indices. Further information about these indices is available at

List of products provided by GFZ in G-ESC:

  • G.107 Nowcast Kp index
  • G.108 Most recent definitive Kp index
  • G.109 Kp and Ap index on tabular form
  • G.110 Kp and Ap index archive
  • G.153a Nowcast Hp60 index
  • G.153b Hp60 and ap60 index in tabular form
  • G.153c Hp60 and ap60 index archive
  • G.154a Nowcast Hp30 index
  • G.154b Hp30 and ap30 index in tabular form
  • G.154c Hp30 and ap30 index archive
  • G.123 Swarm Polar Electrojet (PEJ)
  • G.124 Swarm Field-Aligned Current (FAC)
  • G.125 Swarm Vector Magnetic Field (MAG)


More detailed information about Space Weather science and activities at GFZ is avialable on the website.

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