The competency cluster “Fluids” is involved in researching the chemical behavior and physical properties of geothermal fluids.  The cluster is also responsible for online fluid and gas monitoring at the research platform Groß Schönebeck.  The working group has an analytical-experimental orientation and possesses several laboratories, wherein measurements and experiments can be performed at in-situ reservoir conditions.

Interdisciplinary work with other research groups at the ICGR is performed, for example, in the areas of corrosion and scaling, fluid-rock interactions and thermodynamic parameterdetermination for reservoir modeling.  We research an assortment of topics in cooperation with several national and international project partners.

Fluid Chemistry


Mineral deposition in the components of a geothermal power plant or the pore space of a rock formation can significantly inhibit fluid production.  The goal of our research is to understand the chemical processes that lead to mineral deposition and to develop methods to manage this issue in a working power plant.  Our laboratory is equipped to simulate complex processes in geothermal brines in well-defined solutions, whereby the solubility and precipitation rates of various minerals can be studied.

Fluid Physics


Of central importance to the sustainable operation of a geothermal power plant is knowledge of the geothermal fluid’s physical properties, such as density, viscosity, ultrasonic velocity, electrical & thermal conductivity and heat capacity.  Our laboratory is designed for determining these properties in highly saline fluids at conditions commonly found in geothermal reservoirs.Results from our research are used to expand existing databases for the thermodynamic properties of geothermal fluids.

Physical-Chemical Fluid Monitoring


At the research platform Groß Schönebeck, we operate the fluid-monitoring system, “FluMo.”  The system allows for the determination of relevant physico-chemical parameters in geothermal fluids directly within the geothermal circuit.  The system also allows for fluid sampling at various points along the circuit.  The FluMo system can support the sustainable operation of a geothermal power plant by monitoring changes in the geothermal fluid’s chemistry online and in real-time.


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