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System integration geothermal Binary Power Plant - SigN

Within the framework of the project, various supply and integration concepts of low-temperature power plants, so-called binary power plants, will be evaluated, also with regard to infrastructural preconditions and considering aspects such as operational safety and plant reliability. Geothermal binary power plants are envisaged as targeted example application.

Geothermal binary power plants cover a wide range of installed capacities, technical concepts and infrastructural preconditions and are therefore particularly well suited for systematic technology and concept assessment.

AP1: Analysis and evaluation of realized plant concepts
In this work package, selected geothermal binary power plants with different technical concepts are examined in detail. The individual plants are described and characterized with regard to the technical concept, infrastructural aspects, site conditions and the operational management. Based on this assessment, advantages and disadvantages of the individual concepts are derived and technical possibilities for adaptation or improvement are elaborated.

AP2: Assignment of technical concepts to general site preconditions
In this work package, qualitative and quantitative evaluation criteria are to be developed, by means of which it is possible to assign the different technical concepts to the required and existing site preconditions.

AP3: Electrical and automation integration
In this work package, the essential aspects of different electrical integration options and automation concepts are discussed. In particular, the conditions for electrical island mode operation are analyzed.

AP4: Operational safety and reliability of the overall system
The operational safety and reliability of geothermal binary power plants is an essential aspect of the successful use of this technology. In addition to internal technical problems, also external causes can influence the reliability of the system. In many geothermal areas there are increased seismic activities, which can lead to plant failure. A well-timed shutdown of the plant or plant components, e.g. the turbine, can avoid damages and increase the reliability.

In this work package, the experience from an earthquake early warning system will be used to test and verify an independent early warning system adapted for geothermal binary power plants.

BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research Grant no. 03G0895

Duration: 01.12.2019 - 30.11.2022


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