GeoTief EXPLORE (3D) Vienna

The project aims to significantly expand the knowledge about the geothermal reservoirs in the Vienna area by collecting, evaluating and preparing geophysical and seismic data. In this context, background parameters are generated using geophysical methods. Combined with geological and reservoir information all this data will be merged in a 3D data cube and also visualized in a 3D viewer. In addition, the acquired data are also analyzed with regard to geological parameters, existing resources and possible risks (technical, economic and geological risks). Corresponding assessment tools are developed as a central project result. This is accompanied by a detailed analysis of the challenges of integrating deep geothermal energy into the existing district heating system in Vienna. An important aspect in this context is that the studies are carried out for the entire potential area. Putting all the aspects together this will lead to the best possible development concept for the entire region, taking into account technical, economic and legal conditions.

The developed planning and assessment tools, mainly through the direct involvement of national experts and institutions (including ongoing workshops with the hydrocarbon industry) provide the following findings:

  • Decision-making basis for future investment measures for the use of deep geothermal energy in the Vienna metropolitan area (inter alia, in the foreseen follow-up project GeoTief DEVELOP).
  • Standardized concepts for the utilization of deep geothermal energy in Austria with risk minimization measures taking into account the technical, economic and regulatory framework conditions.

The GFZ Thermal Petrophysics Lab provided measurements of thermal and other petrophysical rock properties on selected drill core samples.

Funding number: 865009

Project duration: 04.2018 - 03.2021


Andrea Förster
Dr. habil. Andrea Förster
Building A 69, Room 106
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-1242
Sven Fuchs
Group Leader
Dr. Sven Fuchs
Building A 69, Room 302
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-1713