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Toolbox for Applied Seismic Tomography

The "Toolbox for Applied Seismic Tomography" will make the most advanced methods of seismic full waveform inversion accessible to a broad range of users. The modular toolbox will comprise proven algorithms and these will be combined to enable the solution of different inversion problems. High performance computing power has recently increased significantly and become available at relative low cost. Therefore, these methods of seismic inversion are now applicable efficiently. We are thus able to use the wealth of broadband three-component seismic waveforms in order to enhance the resolution of seismic imaging and to derive material properties (e.g. density or attenuation) which, to date, are hard to derive directly from seismic observations. The toolbox will be tested using reference data and real field measurements, acquired in the material testing and in the engineering geophysics scale. These tests will assure the algorithms' reliability and demonstrate the broad range of possible applications.

Project Duration: 01.07.2010 - 31.06.2013

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