PHD Program

Within the Project “Sustainability concepts for exploitation of geothermal reservoirs in Indonesia – Capacity building and methodologies for site deployment“ funded by the German government (Ministry of Education and Research, BMBF) the GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences at Potsdam and German partner institutions were looking for highly qualified PhD candidates to work on project related research in:  

  • Exploration
  • Fluid chemistry / Geochemistry
  • Materials science / corrosion
  • Geophysics  
    • Seismology (passive seismic monitoring)
    • Reflection and refraction seismics
    • Magnetotellurics

  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Hydrogeology
  • Process/Power plant engineering

The PhD-positions were filled by:

Muhamad Andhika (GFZ - section 4.1, Geochemistry)
Maren Brehme (GFZ - section 4.1, Reservoir Engineering)
Amela Keserović (BAM, Materials science/corrosion)
Sintia Windhi (GFZ - section 2.2, Magnetotellurics)
Wiyono (LIAG, Reflection and refraction seismics)
Muksin Umar (GFZ - section 2.2, Seismology)
Yodha Yudhistra (KIT, Process/Power plant engineering)
Mochammad Nukman (GFZ - section 4.1, DAAD-Stipendiat, Exploration)
Rasi Prasetio (Uni Göttingen, Reservoir Engineering)

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