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Sustainability concepts for exploitation of geothermal reservoirs in Indonesia – capacity building and methodologies for site deployment

Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest geothermal potential worldwide. In the framework of a German-indonesian cooperation advanced technology solutions for geothermal energy provision in Indonesia will be developed based on a holistic approach. In cooperation with local partners a multidisciplinary German team contributes to methodical and technical innovations on the fields of exploration, reservoir engineering and geothermal plant technology. An extensive training programme aims at supporting the education of highly qualified local personnel with special focus on young academics.

The Project contributed to the progress in exploration, reservoirengineering and concepts of geothermal power plants in Indonesia.

Some methods like passive seismology have been applied to different locations for the first time in geothermal exploration in Indonesia. Specifically the combination of structural geology, magnetotellurics and passive seismology (e.g. Sipoholon, Tarutung basin, North Sumatra) yielded new findings and resulted in an updated conceptual model for the resource in this region.

In reservoirengineering the project work resulted in a detailed understanding of the location Lahendong, North Sulawesi by integrating field work in structural geology and hydrogeology with hydrological modeling including operational monitoring.

Binary geothermal power plants do not exist in Indonesia yet. Within the project the conception of such a sophisticated technology for the location Lahendong was developed together with the Indonesian Partners.

The buildup of the demonstration geothermal binary power plant is topic of the follow up project GENIE (BMBF 03G083A). Within the project framework 10 Phd students worked on the different topics, 8 of them from Indonesia. Two of them have returned to their universities already. This, the geothermal field camps and the field work conducted in cooperation with different universities and institutions (e.g. Geological Agency) this contributed to the networking and knowledge transfer.

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