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Helmholtz Alberta Initiative (HAI) Geothermal - Geothermal assessment for the Alberta Basin

This project aims a preliminary structural and 3D modeling study of a certain part of the Alberta – Basin in order to gain knowledge of the influences on the geothermal system and to assess the geothermal potential of the region. The main goals will be to understand main controls of the geothermal systems and to locate promising targets for a first geothermal development in Alberta with focus on the oil sand region near Fort McMurray. The project will involve geophysical experiments on selected sites. Phase I of the exploration geological study will involve 1) compilation and evaluation of the existing cartographical material, geothermal data and literature 2) display and analysis of the data with a GIS 3) selection of a certain region for a detailed survey. The area at McMurray where the largest oil sand deposits of Canada are located is of special interest because one aim of this initiative is to assess the geothermal potential for utilizing hot fluids for oil extraction. In phase II an integrated 3D geological model of the selected region will be developed, with focus on the structural pattern, stress – strain – conditions along faults and related geothermal aquifers at depth. On the basis of the model a first interpretation and characterisation of the region can be carried out to delineate strategies and targets for further geothermal exploration. The project is part of the Helmholtz – Alberta – Initiative (HAI) between the University of Alberta and the Helmholtz Association.

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