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Pressure control and conformance management for safe and efficient CO2 storage - Accelerating CCS Technologies

An optimized storage capacity, confidence for the method and a cost-efficient and safe storage operation are prerequisites for a successful implementation of geological storage of carbon dioxide (CO2). It is the aim of the Pre-ACT consortium to provide operators and regulators with support for the implementation of a monitoring and storage site assessment plan. The research consortium has a broad knowledge base of experiences in various storage projects. Reservoir pressure will be the most important observable for storage site assessment and will be investigated intensively by the project partners, together with further observations, such as seismic and geoelectric sections. The separation of pressure and saturation effects and various aspects of monitoring-modelling conformity will be in the research focus of the partners. Case studies will demonstrate the successful application of the monitoring and verification concept.

Project partners: SINTEF (Koordinator), BGS, GFZ, NORSAR, PML, TNO, Statoil, Shell, Total, Taqa

Funded by ERA-NET Cofund ACT (www.act-ccs.eu/)

Period: July 2017 – August 2020

Informationen zum Projekt: www.act-ccs.eu/preact/ und www.sintef.no/en/projects/pre-act/

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