GeoEn – Joint research project on GeoEnergy

The joint research project GeoEnergy (GeoEn) is focussed on four geoscientific core themes, which deal with a climate friendly and secure supply of energy for the future: CO2 capture, transport and utilization, geological storage of CO2, shale gas (unconventional natural gas resources), and geothermal technologies. Interdisciplinary cross-cutting themes of geo-energy research are addressed in „Reservoir exploration, development and exploitation“ and „Technical system components and integration“. In the area of geothermal use we are focusing on the aspects of:

  • Regional thermal exploration geology,
  • Drilling and reservoir technolgies,
  • Materials and Corrosion Research,
  • Technical System Components of Geothermal Plants.

As a central part, the Groß Schönebeck research site is further expanded. With support of the GeoEn project, the infrastructure for analysis and optimization of materials and technical system components for geothermal plants under operational conditions has been developed and set up.


Further information

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