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Evaluation of methods and instruments of geothermal technology for the provision of electricity, heating and/or cooling

With suitable geothermal technologies, energy from geothermal energy can be provided on demand in the form of electricity, heating or cooling. The project is intended to contribute to the development of a learning curve towards the economic viability of geothermal energy provision.

This geothermal learning curve is determined by the following main factors:

Exploration prognosis, i.e. how the exploration of the geothermal reservoir can be guaranteed. Before drilling the boreholes for a geothermal plant, geoinformation systems (geothermal atlases, etc.) are used or targeted geological, geophysical or drilling exploration is carried out on a site-specific basis. It has to be determined what effort is justifiable and where there are approaches for new methods, e.g. in the development of special geophysics for geothermal energy in Germany.

Reservoir design
, i.e. how the yield of the reservoir encountered can be designed. Starting points can be found in the optimal arrangement of the boreholes in relation to each other, in the application of reservoir-conserving drilling development methods and stimulation methods to create sustainable pore and fracture conductivity. The key question is what can be achieved today and in the future through productivity-enhancing measures and how sustainable reservoir management can be ensured.

System reliability
, i.e. how reliable in planning can the construction and operation of a geothermal system be guaranteed, or what technical risks exist and how can they be minimised. Technical risks, e.g. geologically related to drilling and other measures in the boreholes, or the operational capability and durability of the completions (corrosion resistance of the piping or quality of the submersible pumps) up to the further above-ground installations (conversion machines) are to be examined. In particular, the fluid treatment in the various system components will be examined.

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