Pilot site Ketzin

With its 5 research wells and permanently installed  geochemical and geophysical monitoring and measurement systems the Ketzin pilot site represents a worldwide unique infrastructure for research into the geological storage of CO2.

The research infrastructure at the pilot site Ketzin includes an Information Center where interested visitors can make themselves familiar with the operation of the pilot site for CO2 storage as well as with the contents and results of our research.

Until August 2013 70.000 t CO2 were injected in 630 m deep layers of sandstone of the Stuttgart Formation by means of an injection installation including CO2 tanks, pumps and heat exchanging devices as well as the connecting piping.

In addition to the injection well further deep and near-surface boreholes exist through which the dissemination of the CO2 is monitored in detail. 

With the combination of different geophysical, geochemical and geo-microbiological research techniques which is worldwide unique, the Ketzin pilot site offers the scientists of the GFZ an ideal field for the development and verification of methods to detect the injected CO2.

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