Field Laboratory Experimental Core Analysis System (FLECAS)

FLECAS was designed as versatile and transportable core analysis system for the investigation of consolidated and unconsolidated rocks under reservoir temperature and pressure conditions. It comprises a measuring setup for the measurement of porosity, permeability, electrical resistivity, ultrasonic compressional and shear wave velocities and amplitudes.
The system was applied for

  • the study of gas hydrate bearing sediments in the frame of the Mallik 2002 gas hydrate production research well program at the Mallik field laboratory at Inuvik, NWT, Canada,
  • investigations at temperatures up to 250 °C of water saturated volcanic rocks from Icelandic high - temperature geothermal reservoirs,
  • injection experiments of supercritical CO2 into potential host rocks and cap rocks of CO2 sequestration sites.

A similar system is currently assembled which permits long term constant flow experiments at conditions that can be found in the reservoir of the in-situ geothermal lab Groß Schönebeck.

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