Project Opportunities

In case you are interested in joining our section for the duration of an internship, thesis, PhD or Postdoc project, we have listed a few representative project opportunities and funding options below (work in progress - more to follow). Of course, we are also open for any great project idea that you may have. Our contact details can be found here.

Complex faulting in simple numerical models

Several places in the world, such as the Aegean and Tibet, show complex deformation patterns, where different types of faults (strike-slip, normal, thrust faults) developed at the same time. This is somewhat odd given that normal faults usually form during extension, thrust faults during compression and strike-slip faults during strike-slip motion. So what is the reason for different types of faults developing in the same place at the same time? One theory predicts that these faults form when we have a combination of extension, compression and strike-slip motion. We put this theory to the test using a series of simple 3-D numerical model, which we extend in one-direction and compress in the perpendicular direction to different degrees (see image below). If you would like to find out what types of faults develop and how they interact with one another, send us an email and we could work on this together

Suitable for: Student internship or thesis

Requirements: Interest in numerical geodynamics. Prior experience with modelling is an advantage but not a must.

Supervisors: Thilo Wrona , Sascha Brune