Section 7.1: Centre for Early Warning Systems

Early Warning and rapid response

This topic concentrates on the development of ad-hoc multi-parameters sensors (and software) for Decentralised Onsite Early Warning and building health monitoring. These sensors are the backbones of several recording systems we are running in different areas in the world (Central Asia, Turkey, Greece etc.) A key activity is the integration of innovative research solutions developed in the EWS in the sensors.

Earthquake Site effects assessment

This topics focus on the development of methods for site effect assessment and includes research in wave propagation in the shallow surface layers and soil-structure interaction through the analysis of borehole and buildings recordings.

Risk Assessment

This topics focus on geohazard risk assessment (with main focus on earthquakes) and includes the further development and testing of a software (CARAVAN) that is able to estimate, also in real time, earthquake losses, taking advantage of innovatively developed exposure and vulnerability models. Development of new approaches for rapid exposure data capturing based on combined remote and ground based sensing are one of the focus of this topic.