ESPREssO – Enhancing Synergies for disaster Prevention in the EurOpean Union

The ESPREssO project, coordinated by AMRA Scarl, Naples, Italy and supported by Horizon 2020 “Natural hazards: Towards risk reduction science and innovation plans at the national and European level”, is setting out to contribute to a new vision for the mitigation of the effects of natural risk and climate change. It aims to propose ways to develop more coherent national and European approaches to disaster risk reduction (DRR), climate change adaption and enhanced resilience. This will require the bridging of the gap between science and legal/policy issues at the local and national level via studies in 6 countries (), and the address the issues associated with disaster response in the event of a trans-national crises. This will involve the collection and analysis of material relevant to the different approaches (legal, policy and scientific) followed at the EU level and the considered countries, identifying the perspectives and needs of the various stakeholders, while developing hazard specific scenarios as part of a Risk Management Simulation tool for stakeholder elicitation. The main interests in ESPREssO of Section 7.1 are in the development of the hazard-specific scenarios and stakeholder interactions.



  • 01.05.2016 - 31.10.2018


  • EU

Principal Investigators

  • Dr. Massimiliano Pittore


Project website


  • AMRA Italy (coordinator)
  • BRGM Paris
  • DKKV Bonn
  • ETH Zuerich
  • University of Huddersfield (HUD)
  • University of Kopenhagen (UCPH)