Section 7.1: Centre for Early Warning Systems

Plans to construct hydroelectric dams in the Kyrgyz Republic and the need to assess the state of existing structures, especially with respect toearthquakes and landslides, requires structural and slope monitoring systems that provide information todecision makers in the event of emergencies. The MI-DAM project will developa robust, low-cost, and adaptable system that includes an early warning element and time-variable fragility functions.

The ESPREssO project, coordinated by AMRA Scarl, Naples, Italy and supported by Horizon 2020 “Natural hazards: Towards risk reduction science and innovation plans at the national and European level”, is setting out to contribute to a new vision for the mitigation of the effects of natural risk and climate change.

The Earthquake Model Central Asia (EMCA) is the GEM regional program, coordinated by the GFZ.