MPWise - Multi Parameter wireless sensing system

MPwise system with Screen

The MP-wise is an innovative system that allow several kind of sensors to be combined witha highly performant computing system able to implement complex information integration andprocessing tasks at node (sensor) level and therefore suitable for a wide range of possible applications.The aim of the new multi hazard monitoring and early warning system is to fulfillthe needs for different types of application, mainly regional and on-site earthquake early warningand rapid response systems, structural health monitoring and site-effect estimation by twodimensionalarrays. However, it might be useful also for geotechnical problems like landslides monitoring, or other geohazards like tsunami. The system is designed in a modular way, allowing to design easily different configurations with respect to the used sensors and the communication interfaces depending on the the different application. Referring to the possible sensors,the prototype is capable to be instrumented (and was tested for the connection) with standard strong motion, weak motion sensor, broadband sensors, MEMS sensor including accelerometer and gyroscope, camera, temperature and humidity sensor and a low cost GNSS system.


Layer / Description


  • regional and onsite (also decentralised!) earthquake early warning
  • rapid response systems
  • building and structural health monitoring
  • site-effect estimation by twodimensional arrays

Acquisition: number of channel, external/internal sensors

  • 6 channel
  • external sensor (Broadband, StrongMotion, or Geophone)
  • internal MEMS sensor
  • Full HD camera
  • low cost GPS receiver temperature and humidity sensor 

Processing on node level:

  • on-site early warning and assessment of the predicted damage of buildings
  • Computer Vision-based monitoring
  • displacement estimation by joint processingof single-frequency GPS and MEMS-accelerometer data
  • automatic audiovisual alarming system (using the touch display and loudspeakeror external devices)

Communication: Hardware and software application

  • LAN, WLAN including self organizing wireless mesh network topology, UMTS secure data transmission via OpenVPN

Use cases - examples

  • Pre-event seismic monitoring during swarms
  • Earthquake on-site early warningEarthquake on-site damage forecasting
  • Emergency reconnaissance and communication
  • Earthquake post-event building tagging
  • Pre-event landslide monitoring and earlywarning
  • Flood monitoring