Terrestrial Environmental Observatories

TERENO (TERrestrial ENvironmental Observatories) explores the effects of global change at the regional level. Research centers in the Helmholtz Association have set up four regional observatories for an integrated Earth observation, covering regions that are representative for Germany: Eifel/Lower Rhine Valley, Harz/Central German Lowlands, Bavarian Alps/pre-Alps and northeast German Lowlands. All four observatories were equipped with a combination of in-situ measuring instruments as well as ground and airborne remote sensing technologies. The infrastructure measures, which will stay in place at least up to the year 2025, are aimed at detecting changes in the geo-, hydro-, bio-, and lower atmosphere as well as the anthroposphere on different spatial and temporal scales. This facilitates to better understand interdependencies and to develop effective adaptation strategies.

The CeGIT is responsible for the data management of the TERENO Observatory in the northeast of Germany. Working groups are supported in the collection, provision, integration, management and exchange of heterogeneous digital resources. Data management controls data storage and secures internal and external data access via standardized exchange formats and thus the data provision in the central TERENO Data Discovery Portal application. TEODOOR

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