This updated version of geomagnetic field description for the past 10 000 years is mainly based on the same data as CALS10k.1b. However, the model offers higher temporal and spatial resolution due to improved uncertainty estimates for the data and calibrations of sediment relative paleointensity. The large-scale field at the core-mantle boundary and the Earth’s surface is described better by this model than by the previous version CALS10k.1b.


  • Constable, C., M. Korte and S. Panovska (2016): Persistent high paleosecular variation activity in Southern hemisphere for at least 10 000 years. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett.,453,78-86.

Core field (F) at the Earth's surface


CALS10k_2.zipZIP380KBAug. 2016Model file CALS10k.2 with Fortran source code to obtain time series of field predictions at the Earth's surface (CALS10kfield.f) and to obtain the GAUSS coefficients for one point in time (CALS10kcoefs.f). ZIP48MBAug. 2016Animations of radial field component (Br) at the core-mantle boundary and of field intensity at the Earth's surface. ZIP23KBAug. 2016Plain text file with dipole moment estimate from CALS10k.2.


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