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CHAMP Bulletin No. 7

Time Period: July 24, 2000, 17:00 UTC
July 26, 2000, 17:00 UTC


All satellite subsystems and scientific payload instruments are operational.

Satellite bus systems

Power: The battery charge control described in Bulletin No. 2 as working abnormally has been recovered and works nominally again. After verification, the preventive measure on thermal basis has been incorporated into the flight software and will nonetheless be kept as additional protective function.

Thermal system: All temperatures are nominal and stable over the orbit.

Attitude and orbit control: Within the commissioning of CHAMP, the scheduled modi were commanded and verified.

Onboard data handling system: The onboard processor and software run correctly.

Telemetric system: A stable link from/to the satellite is secured during each pass.

Scientific instruments

The high voltage of the digital ion driftmeter has been switched on after a sufficient outgassing period. The instrument is running nominally. First real-time data are being analysed. Thus all scientific instruments are in full operation.

Flight operations

Flight operations run nominally. The support by the NASA polar stations network is presently concentrated mainly on the commissioning of the digital ion driftmeter of the AFRL.

Satellite orbit

The CHAMP orbit is continuously recovered with high accuracy.

Christoph Reigber
CHAMP Project Director
GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam

Peter Mühlbauer
CHAMP Mission Operations Director
German Space Operations Center of the DLR


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