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CHAMP Bulletin No. 4

Time Period: July 19, 2000, 15:00 UTC
July 20, 2000, 16:00 UTC


The commissioning phase for the CHAMP satellite and its payload runs satisfactorily positive and will probably be finished by the end of next week.

Satellite bus systems

Power: The battery charge level is stable.

Thermal system: Temperature in all compartments is stable. The low variation of temperature at the STAR accelerometer sensor is especially worth mentioning.

Attitude and orbit control: The software update for the star sensors initiated the day before is still being worked upon. Attitude control and gas consumption reached nominal values.

Onboard data handling system: The onboard processor and software run without problems.

Telemetric system: A stable transmission from/to the satellite was secured at any time.

Scientific instruments

The analysis of the first orbits with STAR accelerometer data shows very high resolution. Perturbing effects from the satellite system (attitude and orbit control) are less then expected. The other instruments in operation show good recordings.

Flight operations

Flight operations run nominally. The support by the NASA polar station network is still very important for the satellite control.

Satellite orbit

The CHAMP orbit is recovered with very good quality. Presently, altogether 5 stations of the international laser tracking network contribute to the measurements (Riga, Grasse, Graz, Yarragadee, Herstmonceux). Their support is greatly acknowledged.

Christoph Reigber
CHAMP Project Director
GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam

Peter Mühlbauer
CHAMP Mission Operations Director
German Space Operations Center of the DLR


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