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Solid-earth dynamics

The reaction of the solid earth to surface loading is governed by the mechanical properties of the Earth's composition, i.e. a close cooperation with material sciences is demanded as well as the consideration of geodynamic and seismological information.

i.e., how the solid earth responds to glacial, oceanic and hydrological loads as well to rotational variations and tides. The considered time scales cover intra-annual to more than ten-thousand years.

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The process descibes the reaction of the solid earth and of the sea level to glacial cycles over the last Million years as well as the reaction during centanual and recent glacial melting.

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The modelling of load induced processes in the Earth's interior contributes to the understanding of the Earth system and delivers important contributions for the dynamics of separate subsystems. In particular, it helps to quantify and interpret geodetically observed deformations and gravity changes.

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