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SICOPOLIS (SImulation COde for POLythermal Ice Sheets) is a 3d dynamic/thermodynamic model that simulates the evolution of large ice sheets and ice caps. It has been developed continuously since 1997 and applied to problems of past, present and future glaciation of Greenland, Antarctica, the entire northern hemisphere, the polar ice caps of the planet Mars and others.

RIMBAY is a modular multi-approximation thermomechanical ice sheet / shelf model featuring shallow shelf and shallow ice approximations, hybrid shallow stress balance as well as higher order schemes for ice velocity calculation, full 3d grounding line migration schemes, subglacial hydrology, various ocean and atmosphere coupling interfaces. It can be used to simulate both small-scaled glaciers and continental ice sheets. 

PISM (Parallel Ice Sheet Model) is open source and capable of high resolution. It has been widely adopted as a tool for doing science since 2011 and features extensible atmospheric/ocean coupling, hybrid shallow stress balance, marine ice sheet physics, polythermal energy conservation, subglacial hydrology and till model and parallel simulations using MPI and PETSc.


Bernales, J., Rogozhina, I., Greve, R., Thomas, M. (2017): Comparison of hybrid schemes for the combination of Shallow Approximations in numerical simultions of the Antarctic Ice Sheet. - The Cryosphere, 11, pp. 247-265. doi.org/10.5194/tc-2016-117 GFZPublic

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