Density Structure of the Earth

In this topic we concentrate on joint analyses of gravity, seismic and other geophysical, geodetic and geological data aiming for the construction of comprehensive models of the lithosphere and underlying mantle and finding a connection of these models with ongoing tectonic processes and geodynamics. In particular, we focus on the determination of the Earth’s density structure, since density heterogeneity is one of the main factors, which control all processes shaping the Earth. Another principal objective is the determination of the rheological and thermal structure of the lithosphere, which provides a link to the processes acting at the surface associated, e.g., with atmospheric, hydrological, or glaciation dynamics. The constructed models have a hierarchical structure: high resolution regional models are embedded into a generalized global one.

Regional models of the lithosphere and the upper mantle

  • Europe
    Integrative model of the crust and upper mantle of Europe
    North America
  • The North American Upper Mantle: Density, Composition, and Evolution
  • Central Thien-Shan


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