Happy Birthday Section 5.5 - and welcome to new staff

It´s hard to believe, but our section is now a whole year old. In the course of just a year it´s grown from a tiny team of three to a flourishing research community of 12 (soon to be 13) staff. Since June this year, we´ve welcomed Dr. Ruohong Jiao, Dr. Audrey Margirier, Dr. Dominik Schneider, Igor Lisac and Erik Tamre into our group while bidding farewell to Dr. Eric Deal. In November we´ll be joined by Dr. Katherine Kravitz who´ll be working at the fascinating (and hereto little explored) interface of biology and geomorphology.

We´ve Moved!

On 26 April 2017 we moved into the Heinrich-Mann-Allee 18/19, 3rd floor. We´ve grown quite a bit over the past months and so we´re grateful to the GFZ and our new neighbours, Section 3.4, for making this possible before we move into more permanent accommodation next year.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Emily Richards, tel. 27521 in room 329.



Welcome - Kim Huppert

We are proud to welcome Dr. Kimberly Huppert as the newest member of our section. Dr. Huppert recently completed her PhD at Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the supervision of Professor Taylor Perron. Her thesis examined climatic and geodynamic influences on ocean island geomorphology, using topographic analyses, cosmogenic exposure dating, and landscape evolution modeling. She will be attending the EGU later this month with the rest of the section, and we look forward to her contribution to the team!

Welcome - Benoît Bovy

We are pleased to announce that as of 1 February 2017, Dr. Benoit Bovy has joined us as an engineer. Benoit completed his PhD in 2012 under the co-supervision of Professor Jean Braun, during which he has worked on the development of a numerical model of climate-dependent hillslope evolution. Drawing on his experience as a software developer and recent contributor to the Python Scientific Stack, Benoit will work on the design and development of a research software that will allow easy and efficient implementation/use of the computer models of landscape evolution developed in our team.

European Geosciences Union 2017

Our section will be visiting Vienna from 22-29 April to take part in the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017, where we will be holding presentations and giving papers on a number of different topics. Jessica Stanley, Xiaoping Yuan, Eric Deal and Jean Braun will be amongst those also taking part in collaborations with colleagues from other research institutions, including Frédéric Herman (Lausanne), Vivi Kathrine Pedersen (Bergen), Lorenzo Gemignani (Amsterdam), Becky Flowers (Colorado) and Laure Guérit (Toulouse).

Have a look here to see the full list of our section´s EGU presentations this year.

Eric Deal´s Doctoral Defence - Invitation, 2 March 2017

Eric Deal, who recently completed his doctoral thesis on climate variation and erosion efficiency under the co-supervision of Professor Jean Braun, will be defending the thesis here at the GFZ on 2 March 2017. The defence will take place at 2.00 pm at the Telegrafenberg, Haus H, Lecture Room 2 and all are welcome to attend.

Eric´s defence forms part of a two-day focus on the subject of climate and erosion, and will be followed by an open workshop on 3 March with international experts in this field (see below).

We look forward to welcoming you to the defence and the workshop!

Workshop - Climate Variability and Erosion Efficiency, 3 March 2017

We are looking forward to holding an exciting workshop on 3 March, when we will be welcoming renowned guest speakers from the US, France, Italy and Potsdam. Alongside Eric Deal´s doctoral defence on 2 March, the workshop forms part of a two-day focus on the topic of climate and erosion and is entitled "Ongoing Debate on the Influence of Climate Variability on Erosion Efficiency".

Guest speakers include Professor Gianluca Botter, University of Padova, Italy; Dr. Kim Huppert and Professor Taylor Perron, MIT, USA; Professor Kelin Whipple, Arizona State University; and Professor Dimitri Lague, CNRS/Rennes. From Potsdam we welcome Professor Bodo Bookhagen, Professor Jean Braun, Eric Deal and Professor Niels Hovius.

The workshop will take place at the GFZ, Telegrafenberg in Haus H, Lecture Rooms 2 and 3, from 9.30 am to approx. 5.00 pm. Entry is free, but it would be helpful if those wanting to attend could register with Emily Richards (richards(at)gfz-potsdam.de) to help us plan the day. We look forward to seeing you there! 



New Team Member in 5.5

We are pleased to announce that as of 15 December 2016, Dr. Xiaoping Yuan will be joining us as a postdoctoral fellow funded by the COLORS project. Xiaoping will work on the development of a new model of marine sediment transport and deposit. The model will be used to better constrain the nature and timing of erosional events on adjacent continents through an inversion of the stratigraphic record.

AGU Fall Meeting

Next week, the section will be attending the American Geophysical Fall Meeting in San Francisco. Eric Deal will present his work on the effect of meteorological variability on erosion rate and a characterisation of the variability in precipitation in the Himalayas. Jessica Stanley will present the preliminary results of her research on the inversion of thermochronological and sedimentary flux data, with which it should be possible to predict the uplift history of the South African craton over the past 100 million years. Benoît Bovy, who has collaborated with Jean Braun regularly in the past, will also present the main findings of his PhD thesis, as summarised in two papers published earlier this year. These papers set out how the Quaternary climate variations and the cycles of thawing and freezing have affected the transport efficiency of soil in the Belgian Ardennes massif.

We are very much looking forward to (re-)connecting with colleagues from around the world in California!

SUBITOP Workshop, Greece

Sam Wilson-Fletcher und Jessica Stanley have just come back from Greece, where they attended a workshop and field trip organised for members of the SUBITOP European Training Network. Sam is Early Stage Researcher 15 in the ETN, and the network itself is coordinated and managed by Professor Niels Hovius and Dr Michael Dietze here at the GFZ. Find out more about SUBITOP and Sam´s work in Sam´s blog.

The trip began with an investigation of subduction system dynamics on the island of Syros, in the Cyclades, followed by a field trip to the Gulf of Corinth to explore the relationship between active extensional tectonics and geomorphology. You can find more information about the SUBITOP ETN and its training programmes here.

Fault plane exposure, Gulf of Evia
Dissolution notch, Gulf of Corinth

Visiting Speaker - Natalie Vögeli

Next week Natalie Vögeli will be visiting from Grenoble. She will give a short seminar on Thursday, 24th November at 2.00 pm in Room F 409, entitled "Climate and weathering in the Himalaya since Miocene - insight from foreland basin sediments". 

Please feel free to attend.

Visit from Dr. Audrey Margirier

Audrey in Peru

We are currently enjoying a visit from Dr. Audrey Margirier, who has spent the last four years working with Laurence Audin and Xavier Robert at ISTerre, Grenoble. Audrey will be with us for a month, working with Jean Braun on landscape evolution modelling using FastScape and focusing on the Cordillera Blanca region in northern Peru. Audrey´s PhD documented the exhumation history of this region using low-temperature thermochronology and numerical modelling. 

Audrey says: "The Cordillera Blanca includes the highest Peruvian peaks and builds the footwall of the Cordillera Blanca Normal Fault. This range has been shaped by Quaternary glaciations which probably contribute to the Cordillera Blanca´s recent exhumation. However, the causes of the Cordillera Blanca uplift remain unclear. During my stay in Potsdam, I will be testing the role played by erosion and isostasy in these processes."

It is great to have Audrey working with us and we look forward to the results of her research.