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Chemical, isotopic, and mineralogical proxy data for aeolian input into the Lake Baikal system during the last 150 ka (Aeolian Proxy Baikal)


This study will shed light on the source areas of detrital components in Lake Baikal and provides new data for an evaluation of the detrital input mechanisms in response to changing North Atlantic Oscillations and monsoonal activities, and the position of the Siberian High pressure cell. We will focus on sudden cold events (Heinrich-events/stadials) and warm events (interstadials) during the last 150 ka. We interpret the following sediment data for reconstructing the aeolian input into the land-remote Lake Baikal basin: (i) Sm-Nd isotopes, (ii) the grain-size distribution of the size fraction >2µm, and (iii) the distribution of trace elements in feldspar, pyroxene, apatite, and zircon. The results will contribute to a better understanding of the local and regional atmospheric circulation and provide new constraints for reconstructing the atmospheric records in Central Asia for critical time-intervals, characterised by different climatic modes. The Baikal data, tracing changing atmospheric patterns and flow regimes, shall be compared with climatic records from Central Europe.

Partner: M. Zopperitsch (GFZ, Uni Potsdam), E. Hegner (Uni München), R. Oberhänsli (Uni Potsdam)

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