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BaltRap: ‘The Baltic Sea and its Southern Lowlands: Proxy-Environment interactions in times of rapid changes’

To comprehensively understand the impact of rapid climate change in the southern Baltic Sea region and to distinguish between natural and human forcing, the BaltRap network (coordinated by the IOW Leibniz-Institut für Ostseeforschung Warnemünde) aims at integrating high-resolution marine (Baltic Sea sediments) and terrestrial (lake sediments and tree rings) proxy archives. Within BaltRap our group investigates Holocene varved lake sediment records from Lake Tiefer See (NE Germany) and Lake Głęboczek (N Poland). For both lakes we carry out complementary sediment trap studies for proxy data calibration. The monitoring at Lake Tiefer See is part of the TERENO Observatory NE Germany which is coordinated by GFZ.

Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Warnemünde
University of Greifswald

Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research (IOW), SAW-2017

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