Laboratory for thin-section preparation


The thin section preparation is used to make or produce sections of soft sediments (lacustrine and marin), hard rock, minerals, frozen kernels, organic materials, soils, ores and hygroscopic samples such as salts and clays.

Thick and thin sections, ultrathin sections, polished sections, polished sections (single and double-sided), scattering devices, single crystals and reference samples of various formats can be produced.

These are then used for further analysis on optical microscopes as well as for measurements on the SEM, TEM, microprobe, ...

Banded Amphibole-Gneiss: Metamorphic rock, Location: Engadin, Swiss Alps
Two-mica gneiss: metamorphic rock, Location: Alps
Diabase/dolerite: low-grade metamorphic or metasomatic altered Basalt, Location: Arosa Zone, German Alps
Mylonitisized granite: Metamorphic rock, Location: Aarmassif, Swiss Alps
Agate druse, Location: Germany
different Thin Section samples

Laboratory Equipment

lapping machines "Logitech LP50"
lapping machine "Logitech LP50" with "PLJ7" head
lapping jigs "PLJ2" with thin sections
lapping machine "Logitech LP50" with "PLJ7" head
ring system "Logitech" with samples
diamond saw "Exotom 150"
diamond saw "Exotom 150" with sample
freeze dryer "Zirbus VaCo10"
freeze dryers "Christ Alpha 1-2"
pressure blocks
band saw "Jaespa MSP4"
freeze-dried sediment bars
dry vacuum cabinet "Thermo"
core opening saw "Fein"
polishers "Depiereux"
diamond saw "WOCO 50"
precision cutting and grinding machine "Discoplan-TS"
polisher "Logitech PM5"
polisher "Logitech WG3"
polishing cloth 1μ on "Montasupal"
various polishing cloths

Contact: Laboratory Head

Dipl.-Geoökol. Brian Brademann
Climate Dynamics and Landscape Evolution
Building C, Room 454
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-1336


Dipl.-Geol. Nicolai Klitscher
Lithosphere Dynamics
Building C, Room 454
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-1301