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Magnetic Measurements Thermal Demagnetizer MMTD18 (silver box)


  • Maximum temperature: 700°C,
  • integrated D.C. coil for acquisition experiments of thermoremnant magnetization (TRM),
  • single chamber for heating and cooling,
  • programmable for heating and cooling sequences,1 sample boat for 18 samples.

Thermal demagnetizer ASC Scientific TD48 (black tube)


  • Maximum temperature: 700°C,
  • separated chambers for heating and cooling,
  • manual setting for heating and cooling times,
  • 2 sample boats for 48 samples each.

Sample types:

  • hard rock samples (1"diameter, Lmax. = 22mm).
  • When samples are not treated they can be stored in a 6-layer µ-metal shield.
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