Analytical performance:

  • Measurement of hysteresis curves, back field curves, and fully automatic acquisition of isothermal remnant magnetization (IRM) curves.
  • Field range +- 2.2 Tesla
  • A 4" electromagnet introduces a magnetic moment to the sample that is then forced to oscillate by a pair of coils producing an alternating gradient magnetic field. The oscillation of the sample, that is proportional to its magnetic moment is picked up by a piezo cristal that transforms mechanical movement into a voltage.


  • Rock magnetic investigations: magnetogranulometr
  • determination of:
    • saturation magnetization - Ms
    • saturation remanence - Msr
    • coercive force - Bc
    • coercive force of remanence - Bcr
    • coercivity spektrum

Sample types:

  • max. 50, 100, or 200 milligram samples, depending of chosen probe
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