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Analytical performance:

  • 2G Enterprises 755 superconducting rock magnetometer. 3-axis DC-SQUID magnetometer for measurement of remnant magnetizations, noise level = 10e-6 Am-1, upper sensitivity limit = about 2-4 Am-1, depending on component, with in-line 3-axis alternating field demagnetizer, max. field = 100mT (frequently), 150mT (exceptional), automatic long-core sample handler, but mostly used for measuring sets of nine discrete samples.


  • Magnetostratigraphic, paleomagnetic and rock magnetic investigation of soft sediments and hard rocks.

Sample types:

  • u-channels (20x20mm, Lmax. = 150 cm),
  • soft sediments (cubes max. 23x23x23 mm),
  • hard rock samples (1"diameter, Lmax. = 22mm, orientation angles).
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