Bartington MS2B sensor for frequency-dependent determination of magnetic susceptibility

Analytical perfomance:

Measurement of magnetic susceptibility of discrete samples

Linux software: N.R.Nowaczyk.

Frequencies: 460 Hz, 4600 Hz

Sensitivity: 10e-5 (1.0 Mode), 10e-6 (0.1 Mode)

Samples: cubic or cylindrical samples with up to 10 ccm volume.


Rock magnetic investigations of terrestrial, lacustrine or marine sediment sequences, or hard rocks. Monitoring of susceptibility changes during thermal demagnetization.


Norbert Nowaczyk
Group Leader
Dr. habil. Norbert Nowaczyk
Climate Dynamics and Landscape Evolution
Building C , Room 321
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-1369