Lab for Paleo- and Rock Magnetism


  • Bartington MS2B sensor for frequency-dependent determination of magnetic susceptibility
  • GFZ split-core logger - 2nd generation, fully automatic acquisition of magnetic susceptibility
  • GFZ split-core logger - 1st generation, fully automatic acquisition of magnetic susceptibility or optical spectrum of sediments.
  • Magnon Variable Field Susceptibility Meter VFSM, measurement of magnetic susceptibility of discrete samples versus field and/or frequency.
  • AGICO Kappabridge MFK-1A, Multifunction-Kappabridge
  • APS 520A fluxgate Magnetometer, measurement of weak static magnetic fields
  • Cryogenic long-core magnetometer, 2G Enterprises 755 superconducting rock magnetometer.
  • F.W. BELL Series 9900 Gaussmeter, measurement of static and alternating magnetic fields in the Laboratory with single axis hall probes.
  • JR6-A Spinnermagnetometer (AGICO), dual speed spinner (16.7 or 89.7 Hz)
  • Magnetic extraction, extraction/concentration of the magnetic phase from unconsolidated marine or lacustrine sediments for further detailed studies.
  • Princeton Measurements "MicroMag", alternating Gradient Force Magnetometer
  • Minispin Spinnermagnetometer (Molyneux), single speed spinnermagnetometer with fluxgate sensor.
  • Pulse magnetizer, magnetic measurements
  • Single-axis 2G Enterprises alternating field demagnetizer, alternating field (A.F.) demagnetization of paleo- and rock magnetic samples.
  • Thermal demagnetizers MMTD18 and TD48
  • Variable Field Translation Balance (VFTB), measurement of thermomagnetic curves


Norbert Nowaczyk
Group Leader
Dr. habil. Norbert Nowaczyk
Climate Dynamics and Landscape Evolution
Building C , Room 321
14473 Potsdam
+49 331 288-1369