High-T gas-mixing furnace with in situ measurement of oxygen fugacity

The one bar gas-mixing furnace allows material studies and synthesis under fixed oxygen fugacity up to temperatures of 1500°C. The oxygen fugacity, which is controlled by mixing various C-O-H-(Ar) gases, is measured in situ by an oxygen-specific solid electrolyte. The equipment is particularly suited for studies of materials containing transition elements, redox phase equilibria, micro-scale transport and reaction processes, petrophysical measurements at fixed oxygen fugacity.

Furnace Type:

Horizontal Carbolite TZF 15/610 tube type
Vertical Gero Furnace Alsint tube type


Heating by siliciumcarbide elements. Maximum temperature 1500 °C

Horizontal furnace: temperature is controlled independently in three zones providing a long central zone of constant T

Vertical furnace: temperature is controlled by one thermo-couple; temperature is monitored at the sample, the O2-electrolyte and one further point

Gas flow:

Mixes of CO2-H2-(Ar) or CO-CO2(Ar) are used

Gas flow is regulated by digital Brooks mass flow controllers


Samples are held in open containers of ceramics or noble metals

Horizontal: sample diameters of several cm and lengths up to 10 cm are possible

Vertical: sample diameters of ca. 1 cm are possible; rapid quenching in controlled gas atmosphere is possible


Yttrium-stabilized zirconia electrolyte (SIRO2) manufactured by

Ceramic Oxide Fabricators Pty. Ltd (Victoria, Australia)


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