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Fourier Transform Infrarot (FTIR) Spectrometer

In our lab we use a FTIR-spectrometer Vertex 80v manufactured by Bruker. It is equipped with various light sources, beamsplitters and detectors to operate from 25.000 cm-1 to 80 cm-1. The maximum resolution is 0.25 cm-1.

An attached IR-microscope (Bruker Hyperion II) provides the possibility to perform unpolarised and polarised measurements on single crystals in the energy range of 25000 cm-1 to 420 cm-1 with a spatial resolution of 20 µm.

Additional equipment: Heating/cooling stage Linkam THM600 (microscope) operable von -196 bis 600°C; Variable Temperature cell from -190 to 250°C (vaccum chamber); Megabar-type diamond-anvil cells (Mao & Hemley, 1998: Review in Mineralogy, 37); Internally heated diamond-anvil-cells (Diacell μScope von easylab) with gas membran for pressure generation.

Fig.: Fourier Transform InfraRed (FTIR) Spectrometer

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