Devices Geoelectric

Permanent electrode installation at the Ketzin CO2 pilot test site:

  • Vertical Electrical Resistivity Array (VERA) with 45 electrodes in the wells Ktzi200, Ktzi201 and Ktzi202 (15 electrodes per each well) Long-term measurements since 2008, scheduled until 2016.

Measurement equipment:

  • GDP-32 (Zonge)
  • GeoTom (GEOLOG)
  • VIP 10 000 (IRIS Instruments)
  • MPT DAS-1
  • Resistivity probe (GeoVista), winch with 100 m logging cable
  • Non-polarizable electodes PMS 9000
  • Electrode cables of various lengths for surface and downhole application

Sandbox model

(diameter and height 0.6 m) for miniaturized geoelectric measurements. Electrodes can be placed outside (full tomography) and inside of the cylinder. Different filling materials and a multitude of in- and outlets allow the experimental simulation of dynamic processes.

Devices Optoelectronic

Fiber Optic

The laboratory provides a suitable development peripheral to create system solutions based on optical, electronical and mechanical components and thus to support the engineering  work of the CGS.

  • Test of a fiber optic refractive index (RI) sensor as monitoring tool for fluid-gas interactions: calibration charts for various synthetic brine solutions and for the CO2 pressure dependency.
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