Section 6.4: Centre for Scientific Drilling

Themes of the platform "Scientific Drilling"

The focus of the measurement system developments is on high-resolution seismic exploration of the subsurface. This applies in particular to advance exploration during drilling operations, whether for deep boreholes or for tunnel construction.

To secure the exploitation of geothermal reservoirs predictive exploration drilling is of increasing significance. The seismic prediction while drilling (SPWD), an innovative seismic exploration method, is researched and tested with a tool developed for this type of borehole. The transfer of the generated data from the underground to the surface is examined in SPWD-BusData.

The development of seismic measuring and evaluation systems for high-resolution sensing of geological structures at and above tunnels is pursued in the project SOUND.

Mobile shallow high-resolution seismic exploration is available with the Geosonar.

The high-resolution seismic exploration of the underground in its various fields of application requires a constant advancement of seismic data processing, the integrated representation and interpretation of measurement results (see also ISIS or TOAST). The respective software tools are implemented in current projects.

Drilling projects of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) are supported by the Operational Support Group (OSG). The OSG accompanies national and international drilling projects of the ICDP and GFZ and others during all project phases. ICDP is oriented towards the social challenges of the following research topics: Climate and Environment Sustainable Georesources


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