Electronic laboratory

The development of geophysical exploration systems with high resolution for underground applications and mobile operation on the surface implicate many interesting problems to be solved with electronics. That is, design and programming of radio-controlled data acquisition systems as well as control systems for seismic impulse and vibrator sources. Another challenging task is the planning, installation and initial operation of electrode arrays in boreholes. For testing and optimization of the developed systems measurement campaigns have to be accomplished. One skilled worker and one apprentice implement the ideas from our electrical and electronic engineers.


The GFZ-Underground-Lab in the research and education mine "Reiche Zeche" in Freiberg (Saxonia, Germany) offers the possibility to run series of experiments to develop underground applications. With respect to the known geological background, market-ready systems can be realized.

KTB Deep Underground Lab

Within the framework of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) the KTB testsite is operated in Bavaria, southern Germany. The KTB site is the place for in-situ high temperature/ pressure testing of logging and downhole monitoring equipment and even for longterm observation methods provided with two deep boreholes including a complete downhole logging infrastructure, workshops and offices.


Rüdiger Giese
Group Leader
Dr.Rüdiger Giese
Centre for Scientific Drilling
Building A 69, Room 322
+49 331 288-1575