Centre for Scientific Drilling


Planning &  Management Support for
Scientific Drilling projects

  • Planning of drilling and monitoring
  • Design of drilling
  • Controlling

Training and Data Management

  • Organization and execution of training courses
  • Development and implementation of drillsite data management solutions
  • Set-up and operations support of the Drilling Information System (DIS)

Development of seismic systems for underground application

  • Setup and data analysis for borehole and underground seismic surveys
  • Development of seismic source and receiver systems
  • System evaluation  and test surveys

KTB Deep Crustal Lab

  • Within the framework of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) the KTB testsite is operated in Bavaria, southern Germany.
  • The KTB site is the place for in-situ high temperature/ pressure testing of logging and downhole monitoring equipment and even for longterm observation methods provided with two deep boreholes including a complete downhole logging infrastructure, workshops and offices


Ulrich Harms
Section Head
Dr. Ulrich Harms
Centre for Scientific Drilling
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14473 Potsdam
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