Section 4.5: Basin Modelling

Equipment of Section 4.5

IGMAS+ (Interactive Gravity and Magnetic Application System) is a software for 3-D numerical modelling, visualization and interdisciplinary interpretation of potential fields and their applications. It is maintained at GFZ Potsdam since 2019 and provided via an open use license to the worldwide user community. IGMAS+ website:

The Geological Modelling System GMS is a software package of programs and tools developed at GFZ facilitating 3D structural and isostatic modelling of sedimentary basins.

GOLEM-a MOOSE-based application is a numerical simulator for 3D modelling coupled Thermal-Hydraulic-Mechanical (THM) processes in fractured and faulted geothermal reservoirs. GOLEM is open sourced under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3 and is accessible for downloading from GitHub repository ( Tracked lists of institutions outside GFZ using Golem:

LYNX (Lithospheric dYnamic Numerical toolboX) is a numerical simulator for modelling the multiphysics of deformation of the lithosphere including a variety of rheological models such as brittle, ductile or damage rheologies

MeshIt - a software for three dimensional volumetric meshing of complex faulted reservoirs.  MeshIt is a software for generating three dimensional high quality, boundary conforming Delaunay tetrahedral meshes for Finite Element (FE) or Finite Volume (FV) Thermo-Hydraulic-Mechanical-Chemical (THMC) dynamic simulations of complex faulted and fractured reservoir applications. The main goal of MeshIt is to provide an open source, time efficient, robust and “easy to handle” software tool to bridge the gap between geological and dynamic forward models of flow and transport processes in reservoir domains comprising fault zones, wells (open hole section) and induced and/or natural fractures. Publications using MeshIt:

  • Cacace, M. and Blöcher G.: MeshIt – a software for three dimensional volumetric meshing of complex faulted reservoirs. Environmental Earth Sciences, 74(6), pp 5191-5209.
  • Blöcher G., Cacace M., et al (2015): Evaluation of three exploitation concepts for a deep geothermal system in the North German Basin, Computers and Geosciences
  • Cacace, Blöcher et al. (2013): modelling of fractured carbonate reservoirs: outline of a novel approach via a case study from the Molasse Basin, southern Bavaria, Germany. Environmental Earth Sciences.
  • Blöcher, Cacace et al (2010): Three-dimensional modelling of fractured and faulted reservoirs; framework and implementation. Chemie der Erde - Geochemistry
Tracked list of institutions using MeshIt:

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