GFZ laboratory infrastructure

A large part of our infrastructure is available for free academic use by external researchers to an extend of at least 50 percent. These infrastructures are supervised by an external steering committee. In the sense of sustainability, the expected service life of these infrastructures must exceed ten years. We call it the Modular Earth Science Infrastructure MESI. These include satellite systems, the secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) laboratory and the FEI Tecnai Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM), the global observatories, and the mobile devices.

Other infrastrucure elements provided by us is operated as Large Infrastructures LI. It mainly serves internal research activites and is operated by internal steering committees. However, this infrastructure is also available to external users.

Data and products generated by MESI are freely accessible

Laboratories of the Modular Earth Science Infrastructure MESI

Laboratories of the Large Infrastructures LI

GeoBioLab| Helmholtz-Laboratory for Integrated Geological and Biological Research

In the GeoBioLab basic research on (micro)biological, (bio)geochemical and geological processes and their dynamics in deep sedimentary deposits is performed.

Equipment: classical microbiology investigations (e.g. isolation and characterization of bacteria and archaea, taxonomy and physiology), culture-independent characterization of microbial communities (e.g. DNA/RNA based studies, quantitative PCR, Stable Isotope Probing, Next Generation Sequencing, and bioinformatics).

Contact person: Prof. Dirk Wagner

Frederik Tilmann
Prof. Frederik Tilmann
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