MESI - Modular Earth Science Infrastructure

Modular Earth Science Infrastructure (MESI) contains different instruments and instrument pools, laboratories, data and information portals.

The complexity of System Earth requires an integrated observational strategy and infrastructure which has the potential to record diverse key diagnostic features. Accordingly, this infrastructure must include globally-distributed and technically varied instruments such as specialized Earth observation satellites, seismological instruments, magneto-telluric devices, observatories for the magnetic and gravity field, and analytical facilities.

This challenge is met by the Modular Earth Science Infrastructure (MESI) at GFZ that integrates instrumentation and facilities supervised by external committees and is accessible for scientists from other research units and universities free of charge. This provision of large-scale infrastructure also ensures the integration and cooperation of the university and non-university research community and facilitates the training of the next generation of scientists.


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Dr. Jörn Lauterjung

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Prof. Dr. Michael Weber
Geophysical Deep Sounding

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