Georesources: From process understanding to holistic exploitation concepts

Exploration and exploitation of subsurface resources lie at the heart of this topic. Connecting fundamental and applied research we develop concepts to understand the key mass and energy fluxes associated with the carbon cycle and metal systems in sedimentary basins. This encompass  as well  physical, chemical and biological changes brought about during stimulation and production activities or during storage of energy and fluids as a base for best practice for the sustainable exploitation of sub-surface environments.

We have two process-orientated thematic thrusts; one that seeks to reconstruct the emplacement history of georesources over geological time, and the other that seeks to improve the efficiency of georesource extraction as well as determining the degree to which exploitation activities impinge upon the environment.

Sub-topic 1: Emplacement – Sources and Sinks over Geological Time: improve the description and quantification of sources, sinks and fluxes for carbon and metals in time and space .
Basin geodynamics: mass and energy fluxes
Deep biosphere: where bio meets geo
Metals: mobilisation,transport, deposition

Sub-topic 2: Exploitation - sustainability and technical developments: apply quantitative results to resource evaluation and subsurface facility studies in order to raise operational efficiency and safety. 

Clathrates: thermodynamics and exploitation
Advanced utilisation of subsurface reservoirs

Cross topic activities encompass monitoring and measurements in situ and in the lab as well as modelling with the aim to build a strategic toolbox of targeted technological system developments.


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