Global Processes: Integrated monitoring and modelling

This topic focuses on the dynamic processes of the Earth system and interactions between geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere on a global scale as a prerequisite to predict their effects on global change and the human habitat. We develop and implement innovative geodetic, seismic, magnetic, spectrometric, and microwave techniques for Earth system monitoring from satellites, aircrafts, and globally distributed ground stations and combine it with integrative modelling approaches for the interpretation of observations.

  • How do core flow, mantle convection and surface processes interact with each other? How do processes in the Earth's deep interior determine plate tectonics, hotspot volcanism and the Earth's magnetic shield at present and have done so throughout Earth history?
  • Can sub-seasonal to interannual continental water fluxes and storage dynamics be quantified and what are the relevant interactions? How reliable are corresponding trend estimates?
  • How large are the individual contributions to sea level change? Which contributions are predictable?
  • Where and to what extent and rate do land degradation processes and land cover changes occur and how do these respond to anthropogenic and non-anthropogenic drivers?


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Robert Heinkelmann
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Space Geodetic Techniques
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