Global Processes

The goal of Research Unit 1 is to identify, quantify, describe, and, where possible, predict global processes from the Earth’s deep interior to the surface, atmosphere, and magnetosphere. Therefore, Research Unit 1 develops and applies innovative geodetic, geomagnetic, and remote sensing observation techniques, and data analysis as well as modelling approaches. Our strategy is to develop and establish a comprehensive loop encompassing observation, data processing, cross-scale data integration, process separation and assimilation, interpretation, data product use and the model-based identification of new signals. Through these tasks, Research Unit 1 contributes to a better understanding and prediction of the Earth System processes. Research Unit 1 addresses these tasks through its involvement in two Helmholtz programs: We contribute to topic 1 (‘Global Processes: Integrated monitoring and modelling’) of the Helmholtz Program „Geosystem: The Changing Earth“ and have a share in two topics of the Helmholtz Program “Atmosphere and Climate” (ATMO).


Harald Schuh
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Harald Schuh
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Deputy Speaker

Claudia Stolle
Prof. Dr. Claudia Stolle
Albert-Einstein-Straße 42-46
Building A 42, Room 227
14473 Potsdam
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Jens Wickert
Prof. Dr. Jens Wickert
Space Geodetic Techniques
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