Helmholtz Alliances

Helmholtz Alliances offer participating scientists an attractive opportunity to conduct research on new topics with the necessary critical mass or to develop current research topics in innovative ways. The alliances aim to strategically develop the research profiles of participating Helmholtz Centres and to transfer successful research into the Helmholtz Association’s research programmes. 

Helmholtz Alliances bring together universities, Helmholtz Centres and other non-university research institutions to work on collaborative research projects. Research partners from abroad and from industry can also be included. Helmholtz Alliances are funded for five years, they have their own management structure, and they develop concepts specifically designed to promote young talent and equal opportunity.

Helmholtz Alliances at GFZ

Since 2012 GFZ and partner institutions run the Helmholtz Alliance „Remote Sensing and Earth System Dynamics“. The aim is to develop innovative satellite products that are offered by a new generation of remote sensing satellites. The Alliance aims at the development and evaluation of novel bio/geo-physical information and their integration in Earth system models for improving understanding and modelling ability of global environmental processes and ecosystem change.

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